The Center for Community Justice currently has four programs that rely on volunteers:

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice helps those in conflict or who are arrested for minor offenses come to terms with their actions and find peaceful resolutions that include accountability to both victim and the wider community. Restorative Justice circles, composed of volunteer facilitators, community members, offender(s) and victim(s) provide the place where victims can heal, offenders can take responsibility and communities can become stronger. This innovative approach brings together community members, law enforcement officials, victims and offenders to create a collaborative effort involving all aspects of the community.

The training program for Restorative Justice is a combination of classroom training followed by an apprenticeship. T o find out when our next volunteer training will occur please email cvallee@thecenterforcommunityjustice.orgor call 518-346-1281 extension 30.

Supervised Visitation

Volunteer Supervised Visit Monitors provide the safe, child centered environment children can safely regain the bond with parents they may not have seen in weeks, months or years. Sometimes the child has never met the non-custodial parent. This program provides highly subsidized supervised visitations to families that could not afford this service through private practitioners who often charge up to ten times more per hour than our modest fees.

Volunteer Supervised Visit Monitors go through training and mentoring program similar to our CASA training, though less time consuming. Our volunteers help children smile and families heal with a modest time commitment.

To find out if this rewarding program is right for you please email or call at 518-346-1281 extension 37.

Community Accountability Boards

Community Accountability Boards allow community members to tackle minor crimes, often called “quality of life” crimes. Staffed by neighborhood volunteers, Community Accountability Boards are an effective means to educate offenders, helping them understand their connections and responsibility to their victims, their communities and the ramifications of their actions on themselves. With a modest donation of time and energy, Community Accountability Board volunteer’s help to heal victims’ wounds, help offenders take accountability and responsibility for their actions. Through Community Service and other means, volunteers make sure offenders pay their debt to the community at large.

CAB volunteers help change lives of both victims and offenders for the better. To see if this rewarding volunteer opportunity is right for you, Contact or call 518-346-1281 extension 30.

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Mediation Volunteers are responsible for delivering professional, high quality mediation and facilitation services to individuals, families, organizations and community groups.

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